Dodger Fans Deserve an Explanation After Team Actively Got Worse This Offseason

February 25, 2019

This is a post I’ve attempted to put off writing for quite some time. So I waited. Waited to see if more moves would be made (they weren’t), waited to see if the Dodgers’ offseason strategy would reveal itself (it hasn’t) and begin to make sense (it doesn’t). With the news that the Dodgers are “back in” on Bryce Harper, likely just as one big final chance for fans to be disappointed as Spring Training begins, now seems like a better time than any. Maybe on a subconscious level I’m hoping that by writing about this now, I’ll reverse jinx a Harper signing into existence, like when I wrote about the reasons the Dodgers “didn’t need” Manny Machado a day before they got Manny Machado. But I digress…

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World Series Musings After 2 Games

October 26, 2018

The Dodgers find themselves in a 2-0 hole as they head home after a frustrating couple of games in Boston. Right now things don’t look great for their chances to end their 30 year championship drought, and it could get even more dire as soon as tonight if they can’t find a way to win a game at Dodger Stadium. Is all hope lost? I don’t think so, but this series was always going to be tough, and being down has only made it tougher. With a day to collect my thoughts, here are some unorganized thoughts and musings about the World Series so far.

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Headlines: NLCS Musings

So yeah this is probably not that different than quick-hits, just even shorter. I present to you headlines; things I could probably write about the NLCS if I had the energy to do so, or are just not substantial enough to fill even a paragraph or two. Right now the Dodgers are in the 12th inning of an exhausting game 4 that has been an absolute chore to watch and try to give a shit about. (Edit: Make that 13. We’re getting legitimately close to seeing a position player pitch in a playoff game. Someone kill me). I will try to use horrible headline puns where possible.

So here they are, some NLCS Headlines, and a few brief thoughts where applicable:

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Playoff Hits: Buehler’s Bad Inning Could Benefit Him in Long Run, Doc’s Evolution

Hi, I’d like to return this gift, please


October 8, 2018

Going into game 3 last night in Atlanta, it was hard not to feel like the joke was on the Braves. Dodger fans watched as their opponent was shut out in consecutive games to start the series, and oh yeah, by the way, our real ace is actually pitching the third game, shhhh, its a secret. After watching Buehler emerge over the stretch run and pitch the games of his life against St Louis and then Colorado in game 163 to clinch the west, it was easy to feel pretty confident. Despite being Buehler’s first postseason start, we had seen him perform under the pressure of must-win games already, so we knew the moment wouldn’t be too big for him. The bottom of the first inning went quickly, and things it seemed like they were going smoothly.

Then the bottom of the second inning happened.

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Clickbaitin’: Top 10 Things to Blame on the Internet if the Dodgers Miss the Playoffs


September 28, 2018

I started writing this post on September 12, when the Dodgers were falling further behind in the standings. It sat unfinished for a while, and then the Dodgers got up 2.5 games after sweeping Colorado, and it seemed like it wouldn’t be necessary. Of course things have changed with the Rockies steamrolling everyone on their way to 7 straight wins and stand 1 game up on the Dodgers heading into the final series of the year. Let’s be honest, it’s going to be tough, because even if L.A. wins out, the Rockies could go 2-1 and still force a tiebreaker game. And if the Dodgers go 2-1, they would only need to win 1 against Washington for the tie. The Dodgers have a 1 game lead for the 2nd wild card, so that’s not a lock, but thankfully St Louis draws the Cubs who actually have something to play for. Since I’m of the opinion you don’t actually make the playoffs until you win the wild card game, and 1 game is basically random, because baseball, the Dodgers could technically “make it” before going home without playing a series.

It wasn’t too long ago it looked like the Dodgers had an easier path to end the season, with series against a sprawling Arizona team and the Giants, where the Rockies drew a good Philly team and the Nationals. Then those teams got eliminated and the Phillies packed it in and basically quit trying to baseball and the Nationals seemingly only cared about getting Scherzer to 300 strikeouts. Meanwhile the Dodgers got rivals who would love nothing more than to end their 5 year reign as champs and ruin the party. Motivated opponents, the opposite of what the Rockies drew.

With the possibility of missing the playoffs very real, of course people are flocking to internet message boards and comment sections to lay blame. Don’t go in uninformed! In traditional clickbait fashion, here’s a numbered list of the top things to blame online if the Dodgers miss the playoffs.

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Dodgers 11, Mets 4: Runs, Actual Runs!
The Dodgers gave the fans plenty of reasons to get excited tonight


September 9, 2018

The Dodger offense finally broke out in a big way tonight, defeating the Mets 11-4 by actually delivering the big hits with runners on base, something they haven’t exactly been doing well recently despite putting together a series win against Arizona. Yes David Freese officially became a Dodger when he hit a solo dong, but it was refreshing to see the team put up 11 runs without depending too much on the long ball.

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